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Art of Natural Therapies

Relaxing Back Massage

Rejuvenate and rebalance your body and mind

with the techniques created from nature for your utmost relaxation.

Natural Therapy Services

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An oil massage for relaxation and rebalance of the body.

Release the tension of the body and mind. With essential oil massage techniques It is extracted from various plants and herbs that are beneficial to the body and health. By this massage does not focus on weight. But focus on a massage to relax the muscles Reduce fatigue and muscle stiffness Relax and add moisture to the skin as well.

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Detoxifying Body Scrub

Remove your dead skin and reveal the fresh and bright skin with our unique exfoliating technique. This treatment helps to eliminate toxins out of your body through the skin. Combining with our signature massage technique and nourishing salt scrub from Himalaya and Toyama Bay in Japan, this treatment leaves your skin smooth and glow.

Relaxing Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Increase your immunity and eliminate toxin from your lymphatic system with this effective massage. This gentle and rhythmic massage helps to increase the circulation of lymphatic of your body through each lymph nodes. This treatment also helps to improve immunity and rebalance fluid in your body, and firm and brighten your skin.

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Private Hot Bath for Relaxation

Relax with hot bathing to reduce tiredness and tension of your body and mind with the unique mineral derived from Tateyama Mountain and Toyama Bay in Japan that are nutritious. The minerals in this bath help to heal the body, remove toxins, and enhance your skin.

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