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Immunity Boosting Check Up

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It is well known that immunity plays an essential part in sustaining a healthy life. Having a sufficient immunity level is like a solid wall to protect an enemy from breaking into our body. If you are experiencing these problems, you might have a problem with immunity.

  • Easy to be ill and hard to be recovered

  • Fatigue

  • Easy to be inflamed

  • Wounds are hard to be healed


This Immunity Boosting Check Up program helps to identify the deficiency and problems that imbalance your immunity. Our specialized doctor then recommends a treatment plan for you to gain back a balanced immunity level.


Lab Testing:
12 items including Antioxidant, Oligoscan, zinc level, vitamin D, complete blood count, liver function, kidney function, blood sugar level, and G6PD enzyme.

Other Health Check Up Programs

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Primary Wellness Check Up

This Primary Health Check Up program uses Oligoscan to diagnose minerals and toxins level inside your body that causes you to experience unexplained fatigue, difficulty in weight loss, imbalance hormone, numbness, nausea, stomachache or vomit.

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