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Detox and Digestive Health Check Up

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Are you experiencing the following symptoms?

  • Fatigue

  • Body odours

  • Constipation or Flatulence

  • Pain around the body without reasons

  • Skin problems such as rash or pimples


These symptoms show you signs of a high toxin level accumulated in your body or a problem with your gut health.


This Detox and Digestive Health Check Up helps you find the level of toxin accumulation and check your gut health. The gut acts as the first entrance to receive substances that come into your body. Using accurate Oligoscan and Urine Organic Testing as a combination, this test will help tell you how many toxins stored in your body and how well your body can eliminate these toxins. This test will inform you of the level of good bacteria in your body and its balance.


Lab Test: Oligoscan and Urine Organic Test

Preparation: You do not need to stop consuming water or food before the Oligoscan. For Urine Organic Testing, you should avoid food and water before collecting your first urine of the day for at least 8 hours.

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Other Health Check Up Programs

Primary Wellness Check Up

This Primary Health Check Up program uses Oligoscan to diagnose minerals and toxins level inside your body that causes you to experience unexplained fatigue, difficulty in weight loss, imbalance hormone, numbness, nausea, stomachache or vomit.

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