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Skin Health and Well-being


Having healthy, radiant and flawless skin is the ultimate goal for both women and men at all ages. However, in reality, our skin, the body’s largest organ, is facing a lot of unpleasant factors, such as bacteria, pollutions, viruses, chemical substances, sunlight, unavoidable aging and most importantly free radicals, making it difficult to remain healthy and usually resulting in signs of aging, irritations, rashes, acne, hyperpigmentation spots and dull skin. Apart from the effects on skin, free radicals can lead to multiple illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.   


If you are currently looking for a way to effectively and efficiently improve and strengthen your skin health and prevent your skin from premature aging, this lab test would fit for you. Our skin health and well-being lab test determines level of free radicals and indicates the status of the essential antioxidants, including Vitamin A (Retinol), Vitamin E (gamma-Tocopherol), Vitamin E (alpha-Tocopherol), Lutein+Zeaxanthin, Beta-Cryptoxanthin, Lycopene, Alpha-Carotene, Beta-Carotene, Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) which are beneficial for fighting against harmful free radicals, lowering inflammation, maintaining level of moisture in skin and hair, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing active acne and appearance of acne scars,  reducing redness and irritations, protecting skin from sun damage, boosting collagen production, lightening dark spots and preventing skin discolouration. Apart from the benefits for the skin, these antioxidants are also provide a number of benefits to the overall well-being, including battling against infections, helping heart, lungs, kidney and other critical organs to function correctly, reducing inflammation and pains, increasing longevity, preventing memory loss, improving cognitive function, increasing exercise and sport performance, promoting fertility, reducing bad cholesterol in blood, improving insulin sensitivity and regulating blood pressure.


By having the report from the lab test of the current level of the antioxidants and free radicals, our anti-aging doctor will be able to determine your current health conditions and recommend if you are currently having any antioxidant deficiencies or not.


This lab test is suitable for those who want to improve skin health from inside-out, those who are suffering from unexplained skin conditions and those who are looking for ways to effectively and naturally improve their overall health conditions.


Lab Tests: 8 tests, including Antioxidants, Free Radical (total), Complete Blood Count, Liver Function (GGY and ALT), Kidney Function, Blood Sugar Level and G6PD Screening.

Preparation: Please kindly avoid food and beverages at least 8 hours before the blood draw for the accurate test results.

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