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Art of Anti-Aging and Preventive Medicine

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The concept of Anti-Aging and preventive medicine is a new way of healing that involves the change of standard – from reactive to the disease to proactively care for health. Based on scientific-proved lab testing and research, our doctor will diagnose and find the causes of imbalance, such as age-related diseases, stress that causes abnormal functioning of the body's system. Then, the doctor will design the rebalancing treatment and supplement plans to improve your health from within and bring you back health and happiness.

Steps of Service

1. The doctor provides an individual wellness consultation

2. Suggest lab testing

3. Collect specimens and send them to the lab for testing

2. Introducing the laboratory health check-up program

4. Meet the doctor for a lab test result

5.  The doctor gives recommendations about treatments and supplements

6. Follow up an appointment with the doctor

Anti-Aging and Preventive Treatments

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Free Wellness Consultation   (15 minutes)

Free individual wellness consultation by our anti-aging and preventive medicine doctor via an online channel; this service helps you to pre-screen your health condition and provide you with an essential suggestion with regards to your health condition. This consultation is free of charge service that allows you to receive a consultation without travel. 

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Doctor and Patient

Individual   Wellness   Consultation    (60 minutes)

This comprehensive individual wellness consultation performed by our anti-aging and preventive medicine doctor. This service helps you investigate and understand your health condition by focusing on your health history, lifestyle, symptoms, and other health conditions. The doctor then provides you with a suggested lab testing and healing plans. This service is available both onsite and online. 

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IV   Infusion

Rushing lifestyle in today's society leads us to face toxins surrounding ourselves. This can cause an imbalance of our body's functions and diseases such as headache, bloating, depression, fatigue, easy to be ill, working or living with chemicals, low muscle mass, difficulty to lose weight, and hormonal imbalance. IV infusion that contains nutritious minerals and necessary substances under our medical experts' supervision helps you rebalance those imbalance symptoms and gain back your energy.

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