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About Us

About AWC Wellness Clinic

Holistic anti-aging medical center

    A holistic health care clinic based on the concept of Be Your Best Version. Be the best version of yourself.Promote health and beauty treatment from the inside out by providing a full range of beauty and health care services. Solve problems from the root cause For the best results and the most satisfying patients The team of dermatologists and aesthetics specialists together with anti-aging and preventive medicine specialists with more than 15 years of experience are here to give advice and analyze individual patient problems in order to find the most appropriate treatment approach. which offers comprehensive health and beauty services in one place


“We are ready to give you youth and improve your health balance with our team of medical experts.”

We built this wellness clinic by following our philosophies:

 1. Authenticity: Provide services by certified doctors and experts

2. Wellbeing: Focus on scientific-based tests and solutions to give our clients the most suitable guidance, tests, and treatments.

3. Caring: Offer a high standard of services together with extending our care and thoughts for our clients

expert medical team



Skin and Aesthetic Doctor


“Be your best version means be your best unique self, not just follow the fashion trends. And for me, the beauty from an external appearance alone is not enough and sustainable, so we are working closely with anti-aging and preventive medicine experts to provide testing and suggestion of services on both sides. By doing this, apart from the better health you will have, the better health will also help to reduce the frequency of treatments and improve the effectiveness of aesthetic treatments to last longer.”



  • Doctor of Medicine, M.D. (Second Class Honors), Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

  • The Diploma in Dermatology and Dermatosurgery, Institute of Dermatology, Thailand

  • Certificate of Training in Medical Mycology, Institute of Dermatology, Thailand

The atmosphere inside the clinic

Holistic anti-aging medical center

The clinic interior is clean, airy and comfortable.
Decorated with soft colors to make customers feel relaxed.
(Convenient transportation, next to BTS Bangna station)

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